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Precautions for buying and wearing masks!


When buying masks, pay attention to the type and scope of use of masks, and pay attention not to buy fake masks. During novel coronavirus pneumonia, masks are very important for COVID-19 protection. In order to buy a suitable mask, be sure to pay attention to:

medical mask

1. note that novel coronavirus pneumonia is a medical and civil two category. The respirator is mainly used for daily life protection.

2. Go to pharmacies with business qualifications or stores selling medical supplies.

3. If you buy online, you should also choose shopping malls with good reputation, such as JD self operated and Ali pharmacy.

4. When purchasing, carefully check the manufacturer, production date, operation instructions and other contents on the package and instructions, and do not buy three no products.

Precautions for wearing masks (wash hands before wearing masks and before taking off masks):

1. To keep the mask close to the face:

(1) The colored side of the mask is outward, and the side with metal sheet is upward;

(2) Fasten the rope for fixing the mask, or wrap the rubber band of the mask around the ear to make the mask close to the face;

(3) The mask shall completely cover the mouth, nose and chin;

(4) Press the metal sheet on the mask tightly along both sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the face.

2. After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask to prevent reducing the protective effect; If you must touch the mask, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching.

3. When taking off the mask, try to avoid touching the outward part of the mask, because this part may have been contaminated with bacteria.

4. After taking off the mask, wrap it in adhesive tape or paper bag, and then discard it in a covered dustbin.

5. Surgical masks should be replaced every day. In case of damage or contamination, they should be replaced immediately.




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